Let your dreams come alive through the ceramic woods. Make tangible the desires that inhabit your mind and bring you to reality. Balance every space with every emotion and sensation, coating the floors of harmony. Let the textures take hold of you and carry a state of comfort and warm atmosphere.

Ceramic wood is designed to be durable, easy to clean and flammable, ideal for those interior or exterior spaces that want to see it reborn.

Also a great ecological alternative to wood, thanks to its high realism of veins and textures, that the new digital technologies, give, allowed to conserve the warm nature of the wood. In Porcelanite, we have increased our series of ceramic woods in 18x55 format, with the Naturawood and Softwood series, and our latest release of wood in the new 20x90 ceramic formats, which we can find in the series Naturawood and Amazonia, and 19.3x89.3 Porcelain in the series Nuawood and Pao de Ferro, in all our series you can see an extensive range of colors and diversity of textures and finishes, ideal to cover any space.