Outdoor life is taking on a lot of relevance among people because of the constant pursuit of a more natural lifestyle, but at the same time sophisticated and urban. The answer to this search are the terraces and balconies, these spaces that can not be missing in your home should be as important as the interior of your home since apart from being an extension of your home is where you can have a good time with family Or just sit and read a book with a glass of wine.

At Porcelanite we know that it is not easy to find the right materials to design your outdoor spaces as rain, sun and other natural elements can damage them, so we created a collection of floors that suits your needs and follows the current trend for The exterior decoration creating comfortable, warm and catching environments using gray tones and terracotta for their composition.

The Mayanslate series in 55x55 format and Grayfall in 60x60 provide a rustic exterior design that withstands sudden temperature changes and its matte finish helps prevent falls, making all you have to worry about is the comfort of your home.















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